Find the right technological partners in Estonia

Guiding you in the field of startups and growth stage companies

What we offer

We help companies discover new business opportunities by matching them with the successful startups in Estonia

Innovative Tours

This involves one-to-one meetings with innovative companies in Estonia.
You will see their solutions and learn straight from the source.


Providing educational materials on market trends with a focus on Blockchain.
Learning about practical examples and potential opportunities in public versus closed ledgers and crypto-economics.


We will find the perfect partner for you using our network of companies.
Our candidates include both early and late stage businesses with international experience.

Ongoing projects

Startup Tour Estonia
Startup Tour Estonia

We conducted over 50+ meetings between large organisations and Startups in Estonia. The tour will meet you with the founders of the companies. This will allow you to gather know-how, understand working culture and expand network

Merchant Adoption
Merchant Adoption

We believe in crypto currencies and their adoption into our daily lives. We helped Sessel’s bar to be the first bar to accept Bitcoin in Tallinn.

Merchant Adoption
Smart Business Matches

We are building a smart searchable database allowing companies to find partners around the world fast and affordable

Partners & people we work with

We are a community that expands its knowledge by growing peer base. Throughout time we established key partnerships that made our community grow further.
Here are some of the organisations we work with.


We founded the company in 2017 with the idea to connect people and help the entrepreneurial ecosystem. We have experience in business analysis, blockchain development and finance.
Here is our team of consulting experts:

George Groshkov

Background in Service Design and Startup Lean Development.

Richard Mitt

Expert in Front-end development, active researcher in Blockchain Applications.

Jana Naumenkova

Business Development and Investment Strategies.

Roman Pototski

Finance and Asset Trading.

You can reach us at