Depending on your business case, we can provide access to reputable solution providers in the region. Finding a suitable partner or provider involves risks and we are aware of that.
    Therefore we take good care in:

    • Case Analysis
      In-depth analysis of your business problem
    • Matching Corporate Innovation
      Creating Proof-Of-Concepts while matching the right fit startups with the corporate needs
    • Providing access to warm leads
      Support in reaching top executive-level leads for face-to-face meetings to empower further partnership confidence

    Our work does not stop there. We analyse corporate innovation programmes and decrease project-backlog by quickly identifying which of these projects have potential to succeed.

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DeltaHeroes OÜ - 14544927
CEO: George Groshkov

Veerenni 15-2,
Tallinn, Estonia

LHV bank account:
DeltaHeroes OÜ • EE837700771003205005
Swift code: LHVBEE22 – BANK CODE: 689