Investment Scouting

  • Investment Scouting

    We connect our APAC investor pool with the best founders in the Baltic Region. We are primarily vertical agnostic but our strong points are: AI, Blockchain and IoT. The important aspect of our job is to identify if candidates are ready for expansion in a particular Asian country. The ideal case would be a Deep-tech company looking for Venture Capital Investment in the region.

    To Identify Startup and Scaleup Candidates we conduct the following activities:

    • Comprehensive Due Diligence
      Business case assessment and risks. Founders’ background and overview in technological competency
    • Face-to-Face meetings
      Interaction with accelerators, VC’s and and local Angels
    • Identity deal-flows
      Research on co-investing calls and other investment opportunities

    In addition, we have been actively promoting Startups that match our criteria.
    Hereby some of the companies we are working with:

    Platform for festival organisers to manage volunteers and gamify task handling.

    Deep-tech analytics for consumer purchasing power.

    Mobile analytics for event managers.

    Contracting and purchasing real estate on Blockchain.

    Smart clothing for athletes for biometric data gathering.

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